Client Reviews

call button small croppedScroll through to see photographs of these Perry Newman Design projects and read what homeowners have stated about their experience. You can connect with us through the contact page or call 801.971.0868 to request a list of satisfied clients willing to speak to you about their Perry Newman Design experience.

“Perry remodeled our master bedroom, bath, and two other bathrooms in our home a year ago. We were so impressed with the quality and results, we hired him again to remodel our kitchen, and a majority of the main level of our home. Again, we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. We found Perry to be creative, professional and gave all the projects careful thought. I didn’t realize all of the choices to be made, and felt overwhelmed. Perry coordinates his team of dedicated professionals to give me options, and helped me visualize the end result. We now have a home that is timeless, and will enjoy for years.” –Cynthia from Draper, Utah

“We love that we were able to change the bathrooms (even with radiant heat and lots of complications because of the age of our home). We love our bathrooms and walk-in closet.” –Jim and Ann from Provo, Utah

“Perry gets right to it and figures out what works. He gives you choices and makes you have part of it. All the subs have been good to work with. Perry really took the time with us and his follow up with the subs all the way through is commendable.” –John and Krystal from Clinton, Utah

These Sandy, Utah homeowner’s hired Perry Newman Design after their neighbor had such a great experience renovating with Perry. They wanted to make sure the kitchen has their individual touch and they are loving their new appliances. Some of their favorite items are the instant heat of the induction cook top, the french doors on their oven and the beautiful detail’s of the custom-built cabinetry. –Jeff from Sandy, Utah

“I called Perry Newman Design and he came the same day, then that weekend he took me to different places and gave me a lesson about how to look at things. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but he helped me figure it out. Perry didn’t always agree with me but he listened and I was definitely involved. Now, I love how it looks clean and bright. It really does feel bigger and he did it on a lean budget. To someone thinking about remodeling I would say that it can be overwhelming but Perry made it fun and took some of that stress. I knew I could trust Perry.” –Clydine from West Jordan, Utah

“Do it! He [Perry Newman] is really good, has great ideas and he’s easy to work with. My favorite thing about him is his attention to detail. He keeps everyone on task and makes everything go quickly.” –Dianna from Sandy, Utah

“We didn’t know where to go so we went online and 2 days later met Perry to talk about stuff. By Thursday we were picking out cabinets and construction started quickly… He’s a friend now! We work well together. He’ll tell you like he sees it and he’ll guide you.” –Mary from Orem, Utah

“We called Perry because we had such a good experience the first time around… He has a fantastic personality and has your back and puts you first. He makes all the phone calls and does everything you don’t want to. He understands the order of things and he worries about it. I don’t worry about it.” –Brad from Draper, Utah

“I hired him [Perry Newman] twice. If you want to do something nice, you better get some help… Perry had his guys come back to back and his schedule just made it happen so fast. Everyone was amazed. Plus, normally things like this go over budget but we stayed on.” –Steve from Orem, Utah

“I really enjoyed my home remodel project! I hired Perry Newman to renovate my kitchen, living room, dining space, office, bedroom, master suite (with master bath) and bathroom. He spends so much time preparing and planning and getting to know you before the construction phase begins that he is able to understand what you imagine your home to be. He makes your style happen. His passion for design is not about him doing something cool to your house, but about figuring out your needs and your style and remodeling your home into something you walk into and say “WOW, I live here!” I am extremely pleased with my Perry Newman designer home and can’t believe he was able to do all this and stay within my budget.” — Kristilee from Provo, Utah

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