call button small croppedWhile attending school, many years ago. I sold kitchen cabinets to support myself. Little did I know after many years in the corporate world, I discovered I was passionate about interior construction and design, it fulfills me, for that discovery I am grateful. I have enjoyed working with wonderful clients and creating beautiful and functional living spaces in their homes. I thoroughly enjoy Kitchen renovation. The kitchen is usually the central part of our homes. If designed properly, it will serve you and your family, as a multi-functional room which will become a favorite family gathering place.

There are many businesses who sell cabinets, others sell granite, while some sell tile. I find client’s often times at one showroom or another frustrated, making selections and hoping it “all comes together.” We take the frustration out of the process. I will guide you through the selection process. After the selection process our sub-contractors and artisans are ready to start your renovation. From start to finish we will complete your entire project, saving you hours of frustration and finally obtain the kitchen, you had in mind.

My creativity extends to master suites, bathrooms, designer closets, entry ways, living rooms, offices,  and entire home remodels. Whatever you’re dreaming of for your home, I will take you from conception through construction to completion.

“Give me a call and let’s spend an hour together at my expense.” — Perry Newman

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