Eleven easy ways to make your home smell better

Kitchen island with bar stools

Kitchen island with bar stools.

People say they love the smell of a new car but do you know what’s even better? New house smell! A new house smells amazing and that scent comes free with every Perry Newman Design renovation. To get started remodeling your home, call us at 801.971.0868 or send us a message from our website perrynewmandesign.com

If you are looking to make your home smell better today, here are ten more easy ideas:

  • Use baking soda: If your home is clean but still doesn’t smell like it then you might have pet or other odors clinging to your carpeting. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpets, let it sit for 15 minutes and then vacuum until the white powder is gone. For more tips on how baking soda can help your home smell fresh, visit the Arm and Hammer website.
  • Freshen your drains: Sometimes foul orders come from your pipes. Try grinding some lemon or lime slices in your disposal or put a few drops of a strong essential oil (like peppermint) down each of your drains.
  • Burn a scented candle: They come in hundreds, if not thousands, of flavors and in all price ranges. Find a candle you love and enjoy. Don’t forget to use safety and common sense when burning a candle in your home.
  • Baking cookies

    Hot cookies smell delicious.

    Bake something yummy: The smell of baking bread or cookies makes your house homey and inviting. This is a trick real estate agents have used for years. If you aren’t a chef, buy premade cookie or bread dough and your house will smell like a delicious dream.

  • Put air freshener cones in closets and older cupboards: Gel air freshener cones are inexpensive and can work wonders in small, closed spaces like closets and cupboards. If you are using this trick in a linen closet, you may want to choose an air freshener that smells like clean laundry. That way your towels and linens will stay fresh longer.
  • Clean the air: If you have a smoker in the family or some other issue is causing foul smelling air, put some bowls of white vinegar or ammonia around the problem areas and leave them out overnight. Dispose of the liquid the next morning and things should smell better.
  • Invest in a diffuser: Another great way to make the air smell better is to use essential oils in a diffuser. Your local store will sell plug-in units that allow you to insert a new scent about once per month. These are a fairly inexpensive solution. Or, you can buy a diffuser and a selection of oils from companies like doterra.com or youngliving.com to custom scent your home as often as you choose.
  • Use your furnace: You can use your furnace to send a pleasant aroma throughout your living spaces by purchasing a freshener that attaches to your furnace filter. Look for these products in the furnace filter section of your local home improvement store. They don’t cost a lot and come in a variety of fragrances. You could change your scent to match each season and keep your home smelling fresh and festive all year long.
  • Boil potpourri: Put water in a pan on your stove (or use a potpourri pot designed for this use) and add potpourri. As the water boils, the scent will spread through your home. You can purchase potpourri at most grocery, department or home stores. Craft stores have a variety of this product too.
  • Scented sachets

    Example of scented sachets.

    Make scented sachets: For small spaces like drawers, cupboards and bathrooms you can make small sachets of whatever you enjoy the scent of. Just set these sweet-smelling cloth bags wherever you want a pleasant scent. You can find ideas for different scent combinations online and there are instructions on making sachets at ehow.com

The best scent of them all is a new house scent and we still offer that free with every Perry Newman Design renovation. call button small croppedWe pride ourselves on offering beautiful, creative and custom design solutions and then we bring in the best artisans and craftsmen to complete your project on time and on budget. Push the red button to call Perry now and, until you are ready to start your project, enjoy these ideas to help your house smell as good (or better) than it looks.

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