Four things to consider before interviewing remodeling companies

call button small croppedSo, you’ve decided it’s time to renovate! Here are four, basic, things to consider as you prepare to interview remodeling companies:

1)      Needs—Make a list of improvements starting with your needs and prioritize them, with the most important needs at the top of your list. For example, you may be remodeling because you need a bigger kitchen with more preparation space and double ovens. Those three things should be at the top of your list.

2)      Wants—Continue your list, stating your wants one-by-one, from most important to least important. For example, in your bigger kitchen preparation space and double ovens may be needs but you might want a custom, tiled backsplash. Another want could be designer lighting or a certain style of cabinetry.

Couple planning a renovation3)      Budget—Everything has a price and you need to realistic about what you can afford. You may end up with the kitchen of your dreams but, if paying for it becomes a problem then the remodel becomes a burden and, you won’t enjoy it no matter how amazing it is. Decide what you can afford to spend. Then, be realistic by understanding that what you may think is a lot of money may not buy you as much as you hoped. You might want to do some research to understand remodeling costs (but make sure you are looking at prices in your area). Your construction professional will be able to give you some guidance but it’s smart to be informed about the finances before you start the process.

4)      Time—There are different aspects of your project that will be affected by time. Perhaps you have a deadline you consider one of your needs. For example, if you have an event planned on a certain day then one of your needs should be to have the project completed before then. Another way time can affect your project is if you decide to do some of the work yourself. That will, probably, take longer so plan for it in your schedule and expectations.

Meeting during remodelIf you make a list, prioritizing wants and needs, then consider your budget and time requirements you will be informed and prepared when you start to interview renovation professionals. Going forward, it becomes a challenge of balancing those four things to end up with a beautiful home you are pleased with. You may need to give up some of your wants to meet the budget. Or, to get more of your wants you might need to do the project in phases (which takes more time). Or, you may decide to increase your budget so you can have all your wants and needs. Maybe, to meet your time requirements, you will choose to use materials that your designer has on hand instead of special ordering. Whatever you do, find a balance between these four things and let your experienced professional help you figure out the combination that will give you a home you’ll love to live in.

As always, Perry Newman Design is here to help you find that balance and consider all the important elements that will take your project from conception, through construction, to completion.

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