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What is the key to having an amazing renovation experience?

call button small croppedWe’ve all heard nightmare stories about home remodels gone awry. The workmen that don’t show up on time, the contractor who gets paid and then never finishes the project, or the tool that hits the wrong pipe and floods the whole house are just a few ghastly possibilities that torment owners of fixer uppers.

The one sure thing is that something unexpected will happen. However, there is a key that can help make your renovation experience as smooth and horror-free as possible. That key is: organization.

Put aside thoughts of flooring and insulation and drywall for a minute. Although those things are important, what is even more important to a successful renovation is planning, organization and project management.  Lucky for you, these are all included as part of the Perry Newman Design experience. Read on to understand the process and what should happen when a remodel goes right:

  • silo houseThe process begins when you make a call to schedule your in-home, design consultation. A designer will come to your home and spend about an hour with you; looking at your house and listening to your expectations for the project. You, as the owner, should state your budget and any schedule requirements. Together, you start to create the concept that will be the inspiration for your project.
  • You, as the owner, should ask for a list of references and take time to contact previous clients to hear about their experience. You should look at the company website and do some research so you feel comfortable about who you are hiring and who will be coming into your home.
  • perry_logo-round-fullThe next step is to pay your design fee. For Perry Newman Design customer’s, this is a small fee that pays for the design and planning of your project. The fee will be applied toward your renovation if you complete your project with Perry Newman Design. To plan and manage something of the scope of a home remodel takes a significant amount of time, planning and creativity. The fee pays for the time it takes to draw up mock ups, make selections, get bids from all the sub-contractors and work with the owner to create a plan and schedule that will allow the renovation to run as smoothly as possible.
  • talkingYou work with your designer to shop and make selections (flooring, paint, cabinetry, hardware, etc.). You meet the sub contractor’s that will work on your project. Organizing all of these people and elements brings clarity to the plan and everyone agrees to the schedule.
  • When all of your selections are made and your plan is ready, your designer will propose you move forward with the renovation. You take one more look at each of the elements, the budget and the schedule so everything is in place. If you decide to move forward, your design fee is credited back to the project.
  • silo construction03According to the agreed upon schedule, your project begins. Usually, the first step is demolition. Perry Newman Design customers have the benefit of hiring their designer and then he acts as project manager (hiring and overseeing everyone through the construction phase). This reduces stress on the homeowner because they only have to deal with one person and then that person runs the project and takes care of all the details. This is where the reward comes from all that organization and planning because, before the first hammer begins to drive nails, the owner, designer and workers all have an understanding of what will happen. Open and meticulous communication and agreements help avoid the typical messes and mistakes that can plague remodels and make the project take longer than expected.
  • Your renovation is complete and your dream home becomes your reality!

Organization is the key to a great experience. When you have a designer/project manager and make all your selections before the demolition even begins, you are better able to anticipate problems and deal with the unexpected. Having a plan and the backing of experienced renovation professionals who will guide you is enough to keep the remodel nightmares at bay. We will take you from conception, through construction, to completion. Perry Newman Design clients sleep soundly knowing that organization is the key to a great renovation experience.

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