Utilizing Timeless Design is the Smart Way to Renovate

Bedroom Retreat

Bedroom Retreat by Perry Newman Design

We are happy to remake the structure of your house as often as you would like, but doesn’t it make more sense to renovate once and select materials in styles and colors that were meant to last? If you keep your background neutral, by utilizing classic design elements, your look can be easily updated or changed just by swapping out the accents and accessories. You can have a fresh, new look without the remodeling price tag.

If you want to achieve this kind of timeless design, steer clear of fads and trends. Make selections that have staying power. You don’t have to be bland or boring; choose things that are understated and sophisticated, then incorporate clean lines to make your home a canvas you dress up. Natural materials like stone, wood, brick, glass, cotton and other natural fibers bring texture, depth and classic elegance to your home. Use these to create a neutral background, then dress it up with complementary colors. These shades can be dark or dynamic and you can add interest and style by incorporating bold patterns like stripes, plaids, or checks.

Achieving timeless style is about balance and function. Stay true to the architecture of your home and highlight it when possible. Order and cleanliness are key so don’t clutter up your room with unnecessary furniture, knick-knacks or things that don’t have a purpose. Make sure the furniture you select is the right scale for the area. It’s fine to combine quality antique and contemporary pieces because they will help achieve that timeless appeal.

The professionals at Perry Newman Design can help you achieve a look that will make your home spectacular for many years to come. If you really want your design to be timeless, the key is to create a room you love. Let us help you find your style and create a designer home that will serve your family for the long term. We pride ourselves on taking your renovation from conception, through construction, to completion in less time than you think.

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