Four things to consider when selecting granite

call button small croppedThe selection of granite should be your first priority if you are planning to use it in your project. The reason this selection is so important is because your choice of granite will determine your palette for the renovation. Here are some things to consider when choosing the slab that is right for you:

(1) Color—The color and pattern of each granite slab is unique so look for something that speaks to you. This element will be a feature in your project so you want it to be something you find appealing and beautiful. Think about where the granite will be and whether a lighter or darker color will make the best statement. Granite comes in a seemingly endless variety of shades and styles so look at as many slabs as possible and then start eliminating them to help you figure out which is your favorite.

(2) Finish—The finish you choose will determine the look of your granite and also may require different types of maintenance to keep up its appearance and have it function at its best. The most popular finish for granite is polished. This finish gives the granite a look that is smooth, shiny, reflective and glossy. Polished granite wears well and helps repel moisture.

A honed finish is smooth, natural and matte looking. It is not shiny or very reflective. There are different types of honed finishes but they are all smooth, without scratch marks. Honed granite is less slippery than the polished finish.

Another granite finish is referred to as leathered or brushed. This finishing technique has become more requested in the past few years as consumers look to give their granite a more unusual and sophisticated style. This type of finish leaves a texture on the granite while it retains the natural color of the stone. Some people like this finish because of the interesting character and the fact that it hides water spots and fingerprints better than a polished finish. Leathered granite requires more maintenance to keep it looking new but it is beautiful. Other types of finishes include satin, silk, riverwashed or caressed.

(3) Thickness—The depth of your granite is important because the functionality of your stone depends on the thickness and strength of your selection. For example, if you are planning to mount appliances in your granite or have a large piece hanging over without direct support you need to purchase a slab that will be strong enough to resist breakage and be cut to accommodate your appliances. You might think choosing something thinner will save you money but there may be additional handling fees for someone to work with thinner material because extra care must be taken when shaping the granite. Whether you choose thicker or thinner stone, ask about installation methods and make sure the professionals who handle your granite know the best way to work with the thickness you selected.

(4) Price—Price is a consideration for every remodeling project. In fact, Perry Newman has said, “I have yet to find a project where the client has said ‘Go ahead and spend whatever you want.’” Hopefully, price is not the only consideration when you go shopping for your granite. It is important that you purchase something you like because granite is meant to last and you will be living with it for a long time. There are so many different options with granite that if you really look you should be able to find something that pleases and is in a reasonable price range. Having a professional to guide you will help keep you on budget and choose something that will provide a beautiful palette for your project. Spending too much or settling for something you don’t really like can both bring regret into a process that should be enjoyable. Find a balance and make the choice that’s right for you.

Consider these four elements to the granite selection process and be informed before you start shopping. To make the process even easier, call Perry Newman Design 801.971.0868 or contact us through our website Professional help in making great selections is included as part of our service. We’ll quickly take you all the way from conception through construction to completion.

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